Women Warrior Workshop

Women Warrior Workshop

Women Warrior Workshop

Encourage. Empower. Evolve.


The ideas and techniques that fuel successful improv on stage can also empower women and survivors to create in exciting and productive ways off stage. Benefits of improv include increased confidence in everyday situations, creativity and open communication.


Saturday, March 4th, 2017
AdLib Theatre Company
200 N. Denning Dr., Suite 1
Winter Park, FL 32789


This 3-hour introductory workshop presented by AdLib Theatre Company explores improv tools and exercises to create deeper, easier, more trusting relationships through the power of “Yes, And”, listening like never before, working with the unexpected, and tapping into your creative self!

All participants will be screened for eligibility since programs are tracked and evaluated for research purposes. Limited space for up to eight participants.

To request an application at info@forgottenwomenproject.org

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