Founder visits Pace Center for Girls

Founder visits Pace Center for Girls

This past week our Founder and CEO, Marjorie Bostwick was a guest speaker at the Pace Center for Girls in Orlando. She was one of a few experts that was asked to share her personal story on how the organization was founded and to give a lesson of self-care.

The girls in this program are there working through a challenging time in their life,and some have come from homes where they have experienced violence and abuse. This leads to other dysfunctional behaviors that have brought them to this place. Marjorie’s message was one of empowerment. She told them,

Your experience in this moment is bigger than yourself. There is lesson and a self-discovery journey that can take place, if you look for it and allow it.” 

It was visible in the room from the tears and stares, that her message was making an impact. She was able to sit with a few girls after, hold their hands, answer any questions and encourage them. She wanted her life to be a living testimony that you can experience some horrific, unfair situations in your life, but you can overcome it.

I had to first forgive myself. There was self-forgiveness, then self-love then I knew and understood self-care.”

Forgotten Women Project  ran a 4-week Creativity Pack Campaign so that Marjorie could take Mandala coloring books and coloring pencils for each girl. This is our way of encouraging the art of self-care to women and young girls in the community. She also extended an offer to have the girls submit any poems or short stories they may have written about their experience with abuse for one of our future Languages of Abuse productions.

Her final message:

“Everyday, look for a reason to create something in your life.”




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